‘Overcomers through Christ’ a little fishy?

Originally published in Penton on October 31 2012 by Bronwyn Katzke

While recent reports have been devoid of the‘s’ word, they still emanate the tell-tales tench of fish. Further media reports surfaced on the murders which allegedly surround Christian ministry, Overcomers through Christ (OTC).

OTC leader, Ria Grunewald has now come to the media admitting that OTC members had experienced numerous threats months prior to the murders. Now I don’t know about you, but where there’s fouling fish, there’s often a rat or two lurking about.

According to an IOL report, “Gauteng cops probe occult-related killings” (20 October 2012), and in Ria’s own words:

“At one of our evening meetings 10 home-made bombs and 20 litres of petrol were found on the premises. The following week four bombs exploded under our parked vehicles during our meeting, and four vehicles were damaged.”

She goes on to claim: “One of our group’s motor vehicles was vandalised [nothing stolen, only damage],” and that,
“Someone was threatened at gunpoint outside my home, after one of our meetings.”

Logically, the un-detonated homemade bombs would require the services of the SAPS Bomb Squad; something that surely would have garnered media attention? Or at the very least, such incidents should have been reported to the authorities, especially for insurance purposes on the damaged cars?

Ria then goes on to claim that OTC is not a deliverance ministry: “I don’t convert Satan worshipers to Christianity and I do not do deliverance either.”

And while she refers specifically to herself in the quote, in a News24 article, “Cops probe occult-linked killings” (20 October 2012), she refers to “my (Ria’s) teachings” in relation to the OTC. So Ria is either just very forgetful, or flat-out lying. If OTC is not a deliverance ministry, then why would they offer deliverance courses:

“Anyone who is a Born-Again, Spirit-filled Believer (a Disciple of Jesus) – can minister to someone, lead them to Christ, heal them or set them free from the bondage of evil spirits. In fact, Jesus commissioned us to do this! (Matt 28:18 Mark 16:17-18).

Our Deliverance Course is a practical,comprehensive teaching that will equip you to minister deliverance to those who are bound by the enemy. We learn how to deal with evil spirits in an uncompromising, Biblical way and yet, at the same time, we are gentle and caring with those who are captive to the enemy’s devices.”

Overcomers through Christ is a deliverance ministry and what’s more, not only does Ria deny this fact, she also denies that one of OTC’s purposes was to convert alleged ‘Satanists’ to Christianity.

In an IOL report, “Cops probe occult link in dual killing” (28 July 2012), it is stated that, “evidence of Burger doing a study on satanism was found but she apparently used this to help convert satanists to Christianity”.

In another media report from TimesLIVE, “Satanists killing us off” (12 October 2012), and in Ria’s own words on Natacha Burger (OTC course presenter), “She prayed for hours for the salvation of people in the entertainment world and those in the Satanic church”.

Ironically, under the new SAPS Occult-Related Crime Unit’s mandate they are tasked with the investigation of “Spiritual intimidation” and “Astral coercion”- praying for constitutionally protected members of the Church of Satan to convert to Christianity meets the ORCU investigation criteria. And that is, in all reality, the only possible link to‘the occult’ in this case.
If Ria’s claims are to be taken as truth; that OTC members have been subject to months of surveillance, sms threats, bomb attacks and brutal murders, then it is at the hands of someone who is patient and calculating. One also has to wonder either what the OTC, or Ria, has done to the suspect to bring about these supposed attacks, or if totally unprovoked, the mental stability of the suspect.

Whichever of the two it is, it is becoming increasingly clear that this case has nothing to do with Satanism or occult practices as the crimes do not, in any way, form a part of Occult or Satanic religious beliefs, philosophies or practices.

To quote The Satanic Bible, “Satanism respects and exalts life.Children and animals are the purest expressions of that life force, and as such are held sacred and precious.”