Objections on ‘Trafficking body parts in Mozambique and South Africa’ report

SAPRA regards the report ‘Trafficking body parts in Mozambique and South Africa‘, published by the Mozambican Human Rights League, as wholly prejudicial to the continuing safety and security of all self-identified Witches in South Africa who may, as a result of the content of this report, be regarded as potentially criminal and dangerous to the communities in which we live and work, without the benefit of legal trial.

As already demonstrated in the media report entitledMale genitalia tops witchcraft list(Nompumelelo Magwaza | 06 May 2011 |IOL), baseless accusations repeatedly made in this report against witches and witchcraft in general have already been concluded by the media, and possibly its readers, as factual and both reports will further serve to incite witchcraft accusations and defame real Witches in general in a country in which violent witch-hunts have already reached epidemic proportions.

Read SAPRA’s Letter of Objection (432KB .pdf)

The South African Pagan Rights Alliance has requested all parties concerned herewith to urgently and fairly review their unfounded condemnation of Witches and Witchcraft in ‘Trafficking body parts in Mozambique and South Africa’.


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