Traditional healer defames Witches

InMale genitalia tops witchcraft list‘ (Nompumelelo Magwaza | 06 May 2011 | IOL) traditional healer Bongani Shangase, speaking at the launch of the report Trafficking Body Parts in Mozambique and South Africa, is quoted as saying “We want this research to differentiate between witches and traditional healers because we do not use body parts to carry out our calling. Witches do that.”

The author, Nompumelelo Magwaza, failed to contact actual South African Witches for comment on this allegation, which remains both untrue and defamatory against real Witches in South Africa.

Witches do not engage in the trafficking of human organs and we are certainly not responsible for witch-hunts against innocent citizens! Evidence will prove that those who have been found guilty in South African courts of law of committing muthi / muti murders or of trading in human body parts have not and do not identify themselves as Witches, but have instead been identified by the courts as rogue traditional healers, not Witches!

South African Witches have repeatedly condemned human mutilations (muti murders) and the illegal trade in human body parts for medicine and magic. South African Witches once again reaffirm that we do not participate in such criminal activities and we strongly condemn both human mutilations and the illegal trade in human body parts in Africa.



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