Zuma: Independents are treacherous witches

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The South African Pagan Rights Alliance strongly objects to the implied incitement of violence against independent candidates as “witches” by President Zacob Zuma.

Zuma: Independents are treacherous witches

Bongani Hans | 27 Jul 2016
Durban – President Jacob Zuma launched a scathing attack against independent candidates contesting the local government elections on Tuesday, calling them treacherous “witches” who would have been “impaled back in the day”.

We wish to remind the President that hate speech constitutes an offence under law, and that making untested accusations against alleged “witches” remains illegal.

SAPRA calls on the African National Congress to honour and uphold the law, and to cease and desist from making any further defamatory accusations against alleged “witches“.

Actual Witches in South Africa constitute members of a recognized and constitutionally protected religious minority. We have the right to our dignity and our safety, just as any other citizen, irrespective of their religious identity.

Irresponsible accusations against independent candidates as “witches“, because they are allegedly “dishonest“, defames the dignity of every South African citizen who identifies as a Witch.


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