Stop making false accusations against Witches

African witchcraft beliefs are said to be an inherent part of the cosmological and religious belief systems of African communities. The truth however is that allegations of “African witchcraft” are only ever used by accusers to slander innocent victims of prejudice.

On Friday 19 February two sangomas Jabulani Ndlovu and Themba Mnyambo were accused of using the body of 3 year old Leticia Nkentjane for muthi by state witness Bongane Ngomane. The accused sangomas (who deny the allegations) and 4 alleged accomplices stand accused of kidnapping the girl in October 2015. Her body has still not been found.

In response to the as yet unproven allegations, Traditional Healers Organization national co-ordinator Temangcamane Maseko distanced the THO and its members from using or trading in human body parts.

News24 correspondent Eric Mashaba reported on the case in an article entitled ‘Using body parts in muthi is witchcraft – traditional healers‘. The title of his report implicates Witches, not Sangomas, in the use and trade in human body parts.

Despite false accusations of “witchcraft”, evidence shows that the muthi murderers themselves are never Witches, but are most often paid by unscrupulous traditional healers to harvest human body parts and tissue for sale.

The often repeated libel against Witches by the media generally cannot be excused by appeals to contextualize accusations of witchcraft within traditional African beliefs. Pagan Witches appeal to journalists to stop making false accusations of muthi murder against Witches.

Muthi murderers are not Witches!

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