SAPS Occult unit fabricates hysteria based on lies

Allegations published today [0] by Col Hendriek de Jager alleging that there is an increase in occult-related crimes around the country amounts to disingenuous fabrication! There is no convincing evidence to prove that said crimes are in any way linked to actual Occultism or Occult practices. The SAPS is waging a war of propaganda against religious minorities!

Occultism is an integral esoteric aspect of mystical religious experience. To the Occultist, Occultism is conceived of as the study of the inner nature of things. Occultism study includes belief in magic, alchemy, extra-sensory perception, astrology, spiritualism, divination. Occultism is the study of the supernatural, including belief in the existence of God! Occultism is a religious philosophy, not a criminal practice!

Occult crime units are simply evangelical Christian occult-hunters and the SAPS is deliberately promoting fictitious propaganda, namely their list of warning signs of involvement in ‘the Occult’, against real Occultists who constitute an actual religious minority. Members of the SAPS Occult crime unit are neither Occultists nor Occult experts!

This Alliance calls on the Minister of Police to disband the SAPS Occult crime units with immediate effect!

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