SAPS lies to the public about engaging with SAPRA

The South African Police Service in a public briefing today, states that SAPS teams have engaged the South African Pagan Rights Alliance regarding an alleged increase in “harmful occult practices”. This is a lie!

At no time has any official in any formal capacity from the SAPS engaged in conversation with this Alliance, or responded to correspondence submitted by this Alliance to the SAPS!

See SAPS Press Release
Media Statement from Gauteng Media Centre
Corporate Communication
South African Police Service

26 February 2014

A media conference addressed by the Deputy Provincial Commissioner, Detective Services, Tebello Mosikili addressed the media on the following issues. Family Violence and Sexual Offences Unit (FCS), investigations on pornography cases as well as an update on Satanic and Ritual cases.

“The investigators are doing awareness workshops that are being presented at various schools, churches, police stations and the Provincial Commander is also part of the committee of special projects from the office of the MEC of the Department of Education.  The team engaged SAPRA (The South African Pagan Rights Alliance), SAPC (South African Pagan Counsel) which represent many cultic disciplines in South Africa.  A network of prayer groups from different church denominations where establish to assist with the problems.”

The South African Pagan Rights Alliance has, since September 2012, repeatedly attempted to engage with the SAPS Occult Crime Unit (ORCs) regarding this Alliance’s concerns regarding both the mandate and activities of the ORCs. None of this Alliance’s correspondence has ever been responded to by the SAPS.

This Alliance has repeatedly argued and clearly demonstrated that the SAPS ORC unit’s existing investigative mandate contravenes the law of evidence, and its members constitute an evangelic Christian spiritual-warfare ministry against constitutionally protected religious minorities in South Africa, including Occultists, Witches, Satanists and Pagans.

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