Disband the SAPS Occult Crime Unit

The South African Pagan Rights Alliance supports the call to disband the SAPS Occult Crime Unit .

The investigative mandate of the SAPS Occult crime unit, in particular, certain ‘categories of crime’ (listed below), contravene internationally recognized policing ethics and conduct related to a) jurisprudence in the identification and verification of evidence, and b) respect for religious diversity and belief.

Said ‘categories of crime’ are as follows:
1. Witchcraft-related offences, (identified as black magic), witch finding and witch purging
2. Traditional healers involved in criminal activities rooted in the occult
3. Curses intended to cause harm
4. The practice of voodoo intended to cause harm
5. Vampirism and joint infringement of the Human Tissues Activities
6. Harmful cult behaviour that infringes on the rights of members of the movement
7. Spiritual intimidation, including astral coercion
8. Vandalism / graffiti leaving evidence that the motive is occult related
9. Suicide leaving evidence of occult involvement
10. Ritualistic abuse in a cult setting
11. Allegations of rape by a tokoloshe spirit
12. Animal mutilation and sacrifice leaving evidence of occult involvement
13. Murder / human sacrifice leaving evidence of occult involvement
14. Interpretation of occult “signatures” and paraphernalia at a crime scene
15. Poltergeist phenomena (unexplained activities by paranormal disruptive entities).

Law of Evidence

The SAPS memorandum states ―For a crime to be considered a harmful occult-related crime, the elements of legality, conduct and unlawfulness and culpability have to be present and the motive must be rooted in the supernatural. The term “supernatural” is generally defined as something above or beyond the laws of Nature. In a strictly scientific context, the belief in the supernatural agency of a non-corporeal entity (spirit, fairy, demon, tokoloshe, God) cannot be proven using the law of evidence in any Court of Law, and therefore cannot be submitted as evidence of anything other than faith in the unknown. Since the courts will not accept evidence of the supernatural on principle, the ORC detectives will be wasting valuable time and effort investigating para-psychological phenomena.

Religious bias, prejudice and propaganda against the Occult

Newly appointed detectives of regional occult crime units are encouraged to consult with ―trained individuals in their respective provinces… with the investigation of an alleged harmful occult-related crime. It must be noted that former occult unit detectives, many of whom now independently pursue careers in Christian ministry and in particular, ministry against the Occult, Witchcraft, Satanism, and “Spiritual-warfare‟ ministries targeted specifically at Witches and Satanists, will be consulted by detectives assigned to regional occult crime units.

Time to ACT

Why are South African taxpayers footing the bill for an SAPS unit whose investigative mandate contravenes the law of evidence, and whose members constitute an evangelic Christian spiritual-warfare ministry against constitutionally protected religious minorities in South Africa, when more crimes are actually committed in this country by Christians than by members of specifically targeted alternative religious minorities?

Use your constitutional right to petition against state-assisted discrimination and call for the disbanding of the Occult Crime Unit.  SIGN THIS PETITION 


Occult Crime Unit to investigate the supernatural

The South African Police Service is launching new regional occult crime units. According to a leaked memorandum, Provincial Commissioners were recently instructed to appoint two detectives in every province tasked with investigating alleged harmful occult-related crimes. READ MORE…


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