Attorney scapegoats occultism for brutal crime committed by Christian

Murder can be such an inconvenient thing for a defence attorney, especially when defending an alleged white Christian who confesses to having brutally murdered a 13-year-old coloured boy who stole mangoes in Klawer.

Only an unethical attorney would stoop low enough to attempt to redirect simmering allegations of a racially motivated incident, by blaming not just the devil, but occultism and satanism for the crime.

Daniel Smit was arrested when police discovered the remains of Jerobejin on his property. Jerobijin was reported missing after picking fruit with a friend. His friend witnessed Smit chasing the boy in his bakkie.

Smit has been charged with murder, kidnapping, assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and defeating the ends of justice.

The absence of any religious motivation for the crime did not stop Smit’s attorney, Santi Human, from telling ETV news on 7 February that the case had nothing to do with race or hatred, but was entirely “the fault of occultism“. She admitted not knowing the difference between occultism and satanism, and proceeded to explain that her client was “spiritually ill“. She encouraged the community of Klawer to “engage in spiritual warfare“, to “pray the devil out of the community“.

Human continued by characterising her client as a reformed Christian who had become involved in ‘the occult’ (?) during his youth. She went on to explain that the 2nd of February was an occult religious day, and continued by drawing a bizarre conspiratorial connection between this, and the date 2 2 2022. “There were just too many two’s“, she said. The “forces of evil were to blame for Smit’s collision with the victim.”

Perhaps Santi Human of Human van der Merwe Attorneys Inc needs to attend a refresher course on attorneys’ ethics, or retire from the law profession and devote herself full-time to her not-so-secret passion; spiritual warfare against religious minorities. At least the latter occupation will not require her to be honest, truthful, or accountable to the law.

The South African Pagan Rights Alliance would like to offer Human van der Merwe Attorneys Inc, a free seminar on identifying and respecting the rights of religious minorities not to be unjustly scapegoated for the crimes of Christian clients.

A formal complaint to the Legal Practice Council will be lodged in due course.


Human van der Merwe Attorneys Inc

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