Advocacy against witch-hunts in South Africa a success

The ’30 days of advocacy against witch-hunts campaign’ was launched by the South African Pagan Rights Alliance (SAPRA) in March 2008 under the banner of Touchstone Advocacy, in response to ongoing accusations of witchcraft and brutal witch-hunts in South Africa.

Review available published news reports of witch-hunts in South Africa for the periods 2000 to 2021.

We would like to thank formal SAPRA members, and international supporters, for their unwavering support for this campaign to end witch-hunts in South Africa. Thank you. We note that there have been no reports of witch-hunts in our country since 2021. We will continue to closely monitor published news reports to ensure that accusations of witchcraft never ever lead to witch-hunts in South Africa again.

In 2022 the Alliance launched an annual 6 month programme to train community paralegals to provide free legal advice and para-legal services including but not limited to legal counselling, human rights awareness activism and advocacy, representation in dispute resolution, and to facilitate community empowerment and development for marginalised individuals and communities. Our Community Paralegals will use their knowledge of the law to seek concrete solutions to instances of injustice.

South African Pagan Rights Alliance