Hate speech case lodged against SAPS and Occult crime unit

The South African Pagan Rights Alliance has lodged a complaint of hate speech against the South African Police Services and the Occult Crimes Unit, with the South African Human Rights Commission.

Repeated media speculation on alleged but unproven Satanic and Occult ritual crimes, primarily promoted by the SAPS Occult Crime Unit and related evangelical Christian anti-Occult spiritual warfare ministries and individuals acting on behalf of such ministries, constitute a deliberate attempt to propagate hate speech and prejudice against constitutionally protected religious minorities in South Africa.

South African media has been and remains complicit in this harmful speculation which amounts to public defamation, by denying equal opportunity to South African Occultists to effectively respond to and redress repeated libel.

Media copies of SAPRA’s complaint may be requested for review by contacting info@paganrightsalliance.org



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