Call for caution and reason as new cases fuel Satanic Panic

SAPRA and others in the community were already skeptical when new cases labeled in the media as “occult” and “satanic crimes” appeared. History has proven that our skepticism had merit. Our hypothesis that it is Christian anti-Satanism and anti-Occult hysteria and propaganda fueling cases also proved to be correct. Legend trippers enact the “Christian myth of Satanism” and frequently have no real knowledge on the occult or Satanism.

Why some Pagans are defending the right to religious freedom for non-Pagans

Despite obvious theological divergence between Paganism and Satanism, both religious movements find common ground within the Occult and Occultism. The Department of Education’s intention to single out so-called “occultism” or “occult practices” as harmful constitutes a very real threat to the religious freedoms guaranteed for children who may choose, or who may already have chosen, to explore or become adherents of Pagan Witchcraft or Satanism, or who have or do show any inclination or fascination with the Occult or Occultism.