Witchcraft accusations require SAPS intervention

SAPRA frequently receives e-mails from concerned individuals alleging that their mother, or family member, has been accused of witchcraft, by members of their community.

It is important to remember that accusations of witchcraft are almost never based on evidence, and invariably lead to vigilante violence, including arson, assault and murder, against the accused.

We advise the complainant to take the victim to the nearest police station to open crimin injuria charges against the accusers, and to request the timeous protection and involvement by police in the community affected.

We would like to be able to contact and liaise with the police in the area directly in order to ensure that adequate assistance is afforded to the victims of accusation and affected family members. Unfortunately the South African Police Services has simply refused to engage constructively with SAPRA on matters concerning witchcraft accusations, and we remain unable to directly intervene, with their assistance.

SAPRA again calls on the SAPS to engage constructively with civil society organisations seeking to prevent criminality against falsely accused victims of accusation.

Please pray for the safety and security of victims of accusation and their families.

19 June 2018

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