SAPS says “Signs of Satanic activity includes interest in computer”

An article published on 20 October 2013 entitled ‘Teenager arrested in alleged Satanic murder’ is an example of biased and poor reporting. A crime receives the “Satanism” label, without all the facts being known and simply based on speculation. The word alleged is overlooked by the public who are quite ready to lay the blame unfairly upon all of Satanism as a religion/philosophy. 

Considering the sources of the training received by police officers with regards to the occult (nothing but religious propaganda), I highly doubt that said officers are really qualified to identify “signs of Satanism”, also consider that the “signs of Satanism” identified on the SAPS website, include things like “child has interest in computer, child play loves fantasy games, child reads horror stories” etc. The largest part of their information comes from Kobus Jonker – not a reliable source but a man with his own religious convictions against all of the Occult.

There is nothing in any Satanic literature or ritual, Laveyan or Theistic, that actually calls for or requires a severed head. The notion that Satanists use severed heads for “power” comes from Kobus Jonker, fed false information by “legend tripper” and psuedo-Satanist “high priest” Maurice Smith, who made up his own rituals. 

Ancient cultures may have used or displayed heads of enemies, but there could be numerous motives involved with mutilating a victim’s body and few such ideas would apply in a modern context. A disturbed person may make use of a severed head of victims for some imagined power but this does not change the fact that nothing in Satanism today or in modern Occultism requires such things. 

Calling a crime Satanic as if a whole religious/philosophical movement actually leads to or causes the criminal behaviour is highly irresponsible.

Report by F. Fumarola


Reference News report:

SABC – Teenager arrested in alleged satanic murder:Sunday 20 October 2013


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