REMEMBER THEIR NAMES – Victims of witch-hunts in South Africa 2000 to 2024

February 2024. An 85-year-old woman and her 90-year-old husband lost their lives on 12 February 2024, after their home became the alleged target of an arson attack. “The exact cause of the fire is still to be confirmed, and we are following up on all information. We are aware of the allegations of witchcraft, and this motive is still to be confirmed.” Captain Sipho Nkosi

’30 Days of Advocacy against Witchcraft Accusations and Witch-hunts’ – 29 March to 27 April.

Touchstone Advocacy (on Facebook)

Call for Suspension of Shaun Christie from NWU

Christie has sought support for his anti-LGBTQ cause on social media, drawing backing from notable queer-phobic organisations, AfriForum Jeug and the African Christian Democratic Party. These organisations advocate for his reinstatement, portraying him as a victim of alleged attempts by “higher authorities” to suppress “religious freedom and Christian values”.

In response to Christie’s behaviour, this Alliance has appealed to the South African Human Rights Commission in pursuit of strict and decisive action against Christie.