Hate Speech Complaint against the KZN Department of Education

Hate Speech Complaint against the KZN Department of Education MEC Senzo Mchunu and departmental spokesperson Muzi Mahlambi

“The KZN Department of Education is much aware of Satanic incidents occurring at schools in the province.  In fact, the MEC Senzo Mchunu had repeatedly called on churches and others to help address the issue.  Although the KZN department did not sign a memorandum of understanding with religious groups to address “harmful religious practices” in schools like the Gauteng Education Department did last week, Mchunu’s calls for assistance was the same, said spokesman Muzi Mahlambi.”  (IOL news)

The South African Pagan Rights Alliance herewith lodges a formal complaint against prejudicial and libelous statements made by the KZN Department of Education against religious minorities in South Africa.

The reported statements regarding “satanism” constitute hate speech against religious minorities who have nothing whatsoever to do with recent cases of alleged satanic activity popularized by the South African media.

From such statements this Alliance must assume that the Department of Education in KZN intends pursuing education policy in contravention of accepted policy on religion and education which requires that religious education be presented in classrooms in a non-partisan and non-prejudicial way.

This Alliance will argue that published statements constitute hate speech against religious minorities in terms of the Equality Act (with respect to Chapter 2 section 6) and contravenes the Bill of Rights (with respect to chapter 2 section 15).


Promotion Of Equality And Prevention Of Unfair Discrimination Act 2000 (No. 4, 2000)
Chapter 2 – Prevention, Prohibition And Elimination Of Unfair Discrimination, Hate Speech And Harassment
Prevention and general prohibition of unfair discrimination
6. Neither the State nor any person may unfairly discriminate against any person.

Constitution of the Republic of South Africa
Chapter Two – Bill of Rights
Section 15 – Freedom of religion, belief and opinion
Everyone has the right to freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief and opinion.


This Alliance seeks immediate redress for prejudicial statements uttered against members of minority faiths in this country.


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